Ok I have a project going right now to add a touch screen in the LSV. I went to the Atlanta boat show a few weeks ago and saw the XStar ballast control screen. It is very basic but gives you the ability to control exact weight per bag. This can easily be done but I am wanting to get your thoughts on if you think it is better to have the touch screen do the control of the pumps or just have a monitor screen that tells you the weight per bag and still has you flip switches to fill and empty.

I have a little program written already to monitor but wonder if it would be better to control from the screen as well and totally do away with the switches. I can make it so there are preset values per rider and get really crazy with it but I am wondering if its going to be a big waste of my time.

Need a little feedback on this pro's and con's The picture here shows the MC ballast control screen. Let me know what you guys think. Is it important to know what weight you have in the bags or is it a waste of time.