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    $700 to install 10" subwoofer and upgrade amp to support the subwoofer and tower speakers. I'll have to research the cost of all this some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jntMobiusLSV View Post
    Thanks for the info. Since we purchased the boat at the boat show they were running several "included" upgrades in the purchase price of the boat. Amp is a Kicker DX series but not sure which model and speakers are Roswell R6 Classic. I've been told by the dealership if I go with a 10" subwoofer I will also need to upgrade to a larger amp, which makes sense but all of this stereo, speaker, amp, subwoofer is like another language to me. Ha
    The Roswell R6 is a traditional 6.5" coaxial speaker. To make the most out of a pair, i would suggest the Kicker IX500.2 2 chnl full-range class-d. It will deliver 125 watts continuous to each speaker pod. Its a better option then installing a 2nd amp of the same model thats going to drive the 1st.

    IIRC, the OEM in-boat amp is the 4 chnl DX200.4. With out knowing exactly what amp, if there is one for the in-boats, and how many in-boats, you have, I can only speculate on options. One would be to trade out the DX-200.4 for the 5 chnl DX-600.5. This would power 4-6 in-boats and a 10" sub like the Kicker KM10. Or, step up to the 5 chnl IX1000.5. This would = more power to the in-boats and sub. One more option would be to keep the current DX-200.4 as is and just add a DX-500.1 single chnl amp. It gives you the ability to power a sub up to 500W.

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    I don't know if they are still doing it like they used but it's possible the dealer plans to use one amp for ALL speakers including the sub. That is how my boat came from the factory but it's quite a bit older.

    Also, I'm not sure ive seen a factory box install? It could be they are throwing a free air sub in there.

    You need to find out what exactly the plan is for the entire stereo if you agree to the upgrade. How many speakers you have (the model) and how they will be powered (amp model).

    Just an FYI, if you hope to hear the music at wakeboard/kneeboard/ski distance then you will want to look elsewhere on the tower speakers. Unsure of your goal on tower speakers but I figured I'd mention it now so there is no surprise later.
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    Default Tower Speakers/Amps

    Quote Originally Posted by KG's Supra24 View Post
    I don't know if they are still doing it like they used but it's possible the dealer plans to use one amp for ALL speakers including the sub. That is how my boat came from the factory but it's quite a bit older...
    That's how mine came...Kicker ZXM 700.5 with the sub, 6 in boats, and a pair of Wetsounds pro 60s. I corrected that as soon as I got the boat home! Put the Pro 60's on a 2 channel amp. Definitely a better setup but the Pro60's lack the projection that I'd like at line length. They are fine for surfing but not so much for boarding/skating/tubing...I'll change that eventually.

    Definitely go with Two amps at a minimum. When I'm done with mine I'll probably have 3 or 4 but of course I have volume envy issues...

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