We just purchased a new 2013 Mobius LSV at the Nashville boat show. The boat comes standard with a single axle trailer (spare tire and mount not included). We trailer our boat to a variety of lakes in TN, KY, and AL because we like to visit different lakes rather than keep it in a slip on one lake. Most of the lakes we travel to are less than 100 miles one-way but we do go to a couple of lakes that are about 150 miles one-way. I'm just wondering if the single axle trailer will be fine or if I should consider a tandem axle trailer instead? The boat dealership has told me the tandem trailer would be an additional $1,200.00 and $500.00 for a spare tire and a side mount (which I think is a little steep price wise for the spare/mount). Any suggestions from others that have a similar sized boat/trailer would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff.