Can someone please explain the boat configurator on the website? I think its still setup for 2012 boats. My reasoning is the 2013 brochure shows the following items as standard on the 2013 LSV but the website shows them as being options and the new Blurfx graphic is not an option on the website.

Surf platform- My understanding is there is only one platform now? The website shows it a 250 option.
Digital Cruise Pro with Display- Website shows it as ?750 upgrade and Zero Off is 1295.
GIII ballast- brochure shows standard on LSV and Mojo but website shows 1485 upgrade.

I am asking because I am curious if the Base MSRP of 51,680 is for 2013 or 2012????

Any input would be greatly appreciated as it could change the finish price by a few thousand dollars.