Hey everyone! We are running into all kinds of problems with trying to fix a crack in our hull that we've had since last season. We really need to get it to dry out completely (we get all kinds of water at the end of the season because of the foam issues that have been discussed at great length already) before the fiberglass guy can patch it up. We also have oil everywhere that needs to be wiped up as well. (Not sure where the oil came from, possibly we didn't tighten the filter enough and it leaked throughout the summer)

The problem is we live in Wisconsin, we don't have a heated garage, and we live an hour away from where we store the boat. Does anyone know of something we can buy that is safe to use while we aren't there to heat the garage? I really don't have time to hook up something to natural gas, and I'm not sure if electrical heaters are safe enough to leave unattended for weeks at a time.