Tinkering in the boat the other day I came to the conclusion that the area above the cupholders in the gunwales is much too plain – granted this will house RGB-LED clad Exile speakers, as well as RGB-LED rings around the cup holders, but that big flat spot was bugging me.


I decided that I would try to make something similar to what Supra and Malibu have, but since I don’t have a CNC milling out of aluminum is out – searching eBay I found some chrome tail light bezels that were the right size, so I cut some acrylic and sanded 1 side, then glued it into the bezel, and placed a black Moomba sticker on it;

Next I added some RGB-LED strips;

I’m undecided if I am going to use it or keep working on the idea for something nicer. I think it looks OK, but just quite where I want it yet.
Any suggestions?