Just got back from the ATL boat show and I was impressed. I noticed that there were no Tige boats there at all. I really wanted to take a look at the new surf platform on the bottom of the boat. I don't know exactly what they call it but its like an extension to the hull that makes a tunnel. Looked pretty cool on youtube.

I was very impressed with the LSV at the boat show this year, I am really on the fence on the Mojo. I really like the idea and the layout of the boat but it really looked cheap to me. I understand its a budget wakeboat but it really looks stripped down. I also understand trying to maximize the interior room but the rear bench seat in my opinion looks terrible. I don't like how you can see a big air gap on either side of the V-Drive box.

On all the models I really don't like the interior. Here is the issue I have with it, I think its too boxy and uninviting. I think the back rests being strait up and down look and feel very uncomfortable. I think that the spotter seat also looks very bad not too. I think it looks cheap and uncomfortable. I really like the layout of my 07 LSV. I like the spotter seat back and think it is a little more inviting.

Now that I have bashed the brand I love the look of the boats, power plant, simplicity of controls, and the wake. I think that the colors (especially the green and black combo) looks awesome. I like the newer towers and bimini options.

I think that for the same money a little more time could have gone into the layout and design of the interior without costing any more in materials. I would be willing to take a few inches out of the interior for a little more comfort.