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    Default Etx cat manifold problem

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum, Im from Kuwait and own a 2010 moomba lsv with an indmar 340hp salt series engine.Im far away from any indmar dealer and my moomba dealer isnt really helpfull and lack knowldge about indmar engines, hopefully i will get some help from you guys..

    I was doing annual service on the engine and when i turned the engine on after changing oil i heard a loud noise coming from the left etx manifold right at the end circle where it meets with the exhaust with a little water/coolant leak.
    I opened the parts up and found that end circle of the etx has coroded and obvious gaps/holes are what causing the problem.I will attach some pics to make what Im talking about clear..

    What i would like to hear is that this is covered under the warranty! If not please i would like some recomendations about what to do ? Shall i weld or patch the holes? Is a certain type of welding needed for this type of exhaust manifold? Or should i just email indmar and get a new one shipped to kuwait?

    About what caused this problem i think it might be because of me using the throttle when in reverse or something else Im not sure.
    I also operate my boat in salt water all the time and it has 280hrs on it.

    I would appriciate any input or help thanks in advance.image.jpgimage.jpg
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