Friday I leave for Illinois. Get to spend the week of Christmas at home with my wife and sons. The oldest arrives home Saturday after a year-long deployment to the Middle East. The youngest is already home on break from college. The middle son works for a bank and lives at home.

First four weeks on the new job have been good. Even though I am in the same business as with my prior employer, still lots to learn. Good management and colleagues.

Last weekend moved out of the hotel and into a rented room. Posted an ad on Craig's List and landed a room in a house owned by an elderly widow. $340 a month. Includes private bathroom and full use of house. Quiet location about thirteen miles from the office.

Looking to buy a house. No hurry. Getting up to speed on the new job and getting to know the area will take time. I think it will take six to nine months to find a house and get fully relocated.