Here in the South we don't need to winterize much so I haven't done it too many times. Last year was the first with my Moomba and I think I winterized once "with the dealer" just to learn and once by myself - I de-winterize if the weather warms up some and I want to go for a ride - normally I don't winterize until there is a cold front coming through and we are still in good weather. BUT! In a week or so I'll be going out of town and there could be an unexpected cold snap while I'm out of town so I want to be sure the engine won't freeze up - which brings me to my question:

I have a 2010 Moomba Outback (DD) with an Indmar 325HP engine. I removed a brass plug on each side of the engine and a lot of water exited from both. There are 2 hoses going into the pully-pump in the center of the front of the engine - disconnected both - water drained from the upper but none from the lower. I DID NOT run or even turn over the engine.

I thought I remembered that maybe I needed to disconnect other hoses but when I tried the other engine hoses were stuck tight implying I didn't disconnect them last year.

I did disconnect the hoses from my fatsack - they were dry.

Is there something I am forgetting? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.