Congrats on the new wheels. Mostly likely you'll continue grinning from ear to ear for many years to come. I see that you did not mention getting "Ford MyTouch", which is probably a good thing. Ford is doing a great job of making certain valuable features available in trim levels below the "loaded" in many models.

I recommend that you just leave the exhaust as is before going to further expense to make it sound like a V8. Before long, you'll probably just be happy with the real-world performance, realise that your manhood is fine without that sound, and want to keep things in factory spec for no-argument warranty protection.

Someone must have misdirected you to whatever lower trim level they had in stock from 2012 at the Honda dealer. The Ridgeline RTL has heated seats as standard. As of 2013, all trim levels have a rearview camera as standard. There is a trim level above RTL, which is "RTL with Navi", which is mainly a technology package that includes navigation, bluetooth, voice control, and so forth. It would have been obvious if they had shown you the real thing for which you were looking.