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I test drove just about everything. The most impressive truck I drove was a new F250 6.7. That motor is unbelievable, of course so it the price tag. Not much compares to 800 ft/lbs of TQ. In the end, I don't tow enough to justify a diesel and that added cost. If price was no object, that would be my ride. GMC/Chevy trucks just seemed exactly like my Avalanche (not a bad thing), but after 8 years I was ready for a change. The Ridgeline was unimpressive in options. I tested a "loaded" RTL (I think that was the letters) and it did not have rear camera, bluetooth, heated/cooled seats. It was sad how much it DID NOT have. Of course the price was nice. I drove Nissan ProX4, but didn't care for the interior stylings. Drove a Ram 2500 Cummings and went back to talk numbers after some research and it was sold (it was a 12 used for a great price). Ram doesn't have the V6/8speed out for a while in the new truck. No one had a Hemi with 8 speed and no one had a air ride. Summer for a lot of that.

For the 150, both the 5.0 and EB are nice. The 5L just seemed very much like my 5.3 GM. The EB is very different. I drove the 5.0 and thought it was nice, then got in the EB and could really tell a lot of difference, then got in the Avy to leave and it felt like a pig.

My only complaint in the EB is the loss of a throaty V-8. Youtube EB exhaust and it's not pretty. The backup camera on the Ford is much better with a lot of options that my Avy did not have. I already like the number pad to lock/unlock the truck, nice for trail riding on my bike. The gauge cluster info center is a lot of fun. I took my nav/radio out fo the Avy and may put it in the 150 (but there is no dash kit out yet). I have to test out the Sync system for a while.
Might look into the changing out the stereo of the new 13 F150s, its so integrated into the main system of the truck im not sure thats an option any longer, to remove it that is. With its voice command, and the other features they have it tied into you might really cripple the electronics of the truck.