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    Default wakeboard towers for 2000 outback ls

    is there anyway possible that you can put a tower on the 2000 outback ls modle and if their is were do i need to go and order it from..... Also i was wondering if it would be easier to order a tower out of the overton mag and out it on myself... If yall know anything then contact me as soon as possible thanks

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    Default Wakeboard tower

    I just went through this process. I looked at many different types of towers, including the types available at Overtons. There are so many shapes and sizes I went nuts trying to chose the right type. Purely by luck I found a new Moomba factory Rad-A-Cage at a dealer in Maryland for $1000.00
    In general I think you'd be better off with something made just for your boat. All-welded construction will be far superior as far as longevity and reliability is concerned. Most if not all of the universal style towers use clamps and bolted connections that will probably loosen over time and squeak, rattle and roll.
    As far as cost, I'll bet you can get a factory unit for about the same cost as one of the better universals. I just saw a factory Moomba unit on ebay for less than $400.00. I also contacted several fabricators who will custom make one for any boat, priced right around where a universal would be.
    Go to the Moomba web site and do a dealer search. Call as many as you can within reasonable distance from you . You might get lucky like I did. I drove from New Hampshire to Maryland but it was well worth the savings. I have found the dealers in the areas with year round boating to be much more into the sport than those with limited seasons. They may be your best resource.
    Good luck. Next it will be me!


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