Hey everyone here is a bunch of stuff that I need to get rid of. All of this stuff is in good condition. Below is a list please let me know if your interested

2, sets of wakeboard racks, these fit the Moomba tower

2, sets of brand new speaker cans, these don't have any speakers in them. They are new and still in the original box.

2, 400lb fly high ski locker ballast bags (no picture). I messed up the fill fitting on one of them trying to get the glued in fitting out so you will need to just put a raft patch over the one fitting, it pulled loose from the bag. The other one has 1 inch barbed fittings glued in. You can more than likely get those out with a hair dryer but I had this bag hard plumbed in my boat. Other than the issues I mentioned they are in good shape. I will give you a good deal on them because they are messed up a little.

Perko Switch never used

CWB Seven XL bindings. These are in great shape too.

Wide view mirror with windshield clamp, in great shape

4, 1 inch 12 vdc water valves. I have one of them in the picture but I also have 3 of them installed on my boat right now in place of the old orbit valves. I am getting a much better flow rate out of these valves with no issues. I went to lowes and bought 1 inch to 3/4 inch reducers and put them in the same exact place as the old ones. I am upgrading the existing system to reversible johnson pumps thats the only reason for parting with these gems. I really like these valves and they worked out awesome. So if you don't want to rip everything out and get more flow this is a great solution.

3 old orbit valves with coils

Ok that's my list let me know if your interested in anything and we will talk about the price. I am really just trying to get rid of stuff so I am going to be flexible.

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