Ok guys, I think enough is enough. I know you mods are busting ass to keep up with the spammers, but it is not working. It seems like it is past time to have the forum administrator do some updates or figure something out to stop this stuff. I'm a member of several forums (mainly all v bulletin based) and it's common for once in a blue moon to have some spam, but this is out of control.

It's gotten to the point where I've stopped even checking it throughout the day as much. Seems to me like this issue is above needing mods to remove and catch spam, something has to give. I don't feel like it is the moderators job to have to delete 50+ spam per day and then again at night, someone in charge should be stopping the majority of that before it makes it in so the mods can collect the few that might make it and handle other moderator responsibility.

Of course, this is all just imo, fwiw, fyi, icyw, etc.