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    Default Moomba for Barefooting and Wakeboarding!

    I plan to buy a new boat pretty soon. Right now, I have a 2000 Mastercraft 190. I' ve been searching for alternatives to Mastercraft. My main focus is barefooting, yet we also want to be able to wakeboard. How big is the wake behind the Moomba Outback or Outback LS (for barefooting)? If I am on the wrong track of what boat I need, opinions are welcome.

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    I have one of the older Outbacks (non-ls) and sacked down the wake is good but not pro-level. I think the shape is good but the size isn't massive. My boat is just fine for beg/ advanced intermediate boarders. Having said that I believe the new Outback LS has a larger (therefore better for boarding) hull. For the footin, my Outback tops out at about 42-45 w/out a rider, not sure about the wake size at that speed or relative to other footin boats

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    I have a 2001 Outback, non LS. I am primarily a skier and a beginning wakeboarder. I think the Outback is a great multi-purpose boat. The slalom wake is great and if you slow it down and put some people in the back seat, the wake is more than adequate for a beg/intermediate wakeboarder. As for barefooting, I have not done it behind mine but with 2 people in the boat it will run 50+ so it should be fine for barefooting. I have the stock Indmar 310hp. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I have a 02 Outback LS. Fill the ballast and add a few people and the wake is good for the beg/advance wake boarder but it is not the massive pro level wake. The slalom wake is very good. My boat tops out around 45-47 mph. so it should be adequete to barefoot.

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