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    Default Need help picking a X-mas wakeboard for a 17 year old girl (and a fat old guy)

    Don't know if this is the correct sub-forum but as the title says,

    I need help picking out a Christmas present for my buddy's daughter who is like a daughter to me.

    She will be 17 in February and about 110 lbs. and rides pretty well, crosses the wakes no problem and is just starting to get a little air.

    She is actually pretty aggressive - which just started this last season and was awesome to watch the change in her attitude.

    She loves Dallas Friday, so if we can find a board with her name on it that would be awesome, but I donít really know as I still ride the same two boards I picked up when I bought my í03 Natique.
    1. How do I pick a good board for her?
    2. How do I size a board?

    Which leads to my next question, if my boards are ten years old, is there any reason for me to get new boards? I donít know if the last ten years have advanced wakeboard design as much as when I changed my snowboard (which was about 13 years old)

    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving

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