On Thanksgiving morning my Men's group at my church convenes at 7 am with bloody Marys and starts working. We cook a couple hundred turkeys (breasts only) during the week and slice them on Wed night over a few cold ones. On T-giving morning we make the potatoes, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, etc. and then serve about 1000 hot meals that get delivered all over town plus a couple hundred family boxes with canned goods, fruit, pies, etc. We are done by 11 am with everything cleaned up and back home in time for T-giving dinner and a nice nap. Our mission is that nobody in the area misses Thanksgiving dinner. We use about 100 volunteers to set up, dish up, box up and then deliver the meals. It's awesome to see.

I'll go home and carve a turkey then sit down and chow before falling asleep watching the 'boys get beat.