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    Wow is right. Z5 is located down the road from SC and this gauging is hard to stomach . I was going to look into a z5 for the v2 but nope. Way to expensive. Also looks on the product line on their site, that the two point towers have extra fabrication on the tower to fit the z5. On all manufacturers with2 point towers.
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    im not even sure a z5 on the 2 point towers would be worthwile. there is a pretty good height difference between my 08 tower and the oz tower. on the 08 with 4 speakers and the bimini just touching the speakers i could walk under with my head touching the bimini. the oz tower I have about 2" of head clearance just to the tower frame and the bimini is the same height, with 2 speakers and a z5 I'd have to be walking on my knees to get under it.

    maybe the supra tower top sits higher but looking at photos it does not look like it, anyway something to think about.
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    I have a Monster Tower cargo Bimini and it works pretty well but not a "pretty". It comes with Sunbrella fabric. I paid about $600. You would still need to figure out a way to mount it though.
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    That's what I would do. Get a Monster or another prefab one and then customize my parts so it works. Maybe work with a shop on the final workup.
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