I recently bought a 2012 Supra 242 Launch. It was one of the first made with the new S-bend tower from Roswell. Unfortunately, the folks at Z5 didn't have the new cargo rack devised yet.

So, as I was planning my winter upgrades, I thought I'd call and see how much one would be. My jaw hit the floor when my dealer called me back.

Are you ready?

$4800 for the assembly + $800 for the tower mounting arms + Installation if needed!!!!

Maybe I am missing something here, but we are talking about less than 50' of tubing, a piece of canvas, mesh net, and a few foam rollers. This is more than a lot of decent used boats, and it doesn't have an engine.

The rack is rated to hold 60lbs. That is almost $100/lb of carrying capacity!!!! Plus, the new z5 sits below the tower speakers, thus removing about 8" of headroom too.

Has anybody else done this as an after market mod?

I am thinking about fabricating a few support bars and adding it to my current bimini. I really only need it to be strong enough to hold a tube for the kids.

I talked to SC, and they couldn't provide me with the specs on what size tubing is used in the z5, so if any of you have one that you wouldn't mind measuring, I'd appreciate it.