Would appreciate guidance on buying a truck.

Located a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab to replace the family’s aged 1999 Chevy Suburban tow vehicle.

MSRP is $48,105.

Dealer is offering a price of $37,545, mostly due to incentives at this time of year now that 2013 models are on the lot.

There is nothing additional I need or want added to the truck and am not interested in buying any form of additional warranty coverage.

Going to trade-in the Suburban.

This Tuesday I make another trip to the dealer. This time it is for the specific purpose of negotiating price.

I want to be smart about this, but am not interested in spending all day at the dealer trying to get every last nickel.

The only data points at my disposal are the MSRP and dealer price, both of which track pretty close to pricing at four other dealers in the same general area.

Looked at Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds.

Is there a way to know what the dealer paid for this particular truck so I can negotiate up from that dollar amount?

What should I keep in mind when negotiating? What should I avoid?

Appreciate the help. Thanks!