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In theory, yes, if the house bank is heavily depleted, the main cranking would try to equalize with the low house bank. But, the low voltage setting on the ACR will quickly be reached and the ACR will again open and isolate the banks. This bouncing/cycling will continue until the house bank reaches a level of charge to where the ACR stays combined.

So in actuality, the ACR will not combine a full battery and dead battery and stay combined, thus allowing the full battery to equalize with the dead. When the house bank is heavily depleted, rotating the switch to combine will circumvent the ACR, allowing the house bank to receive and steady charge from the alternator and getting back up as fast as possible. As long as the engine is running, equalizing will not be an issue, so if you stop again, switch off of COMBINE.
That sounds better then i was understanding lol. Thanks man. I just know it took me 2 summers to get away from the old fasion switch isolator and now i will never go back. I loved the ACR i had and the no worries of it. Only thing i had to worry about was a circuit breaker getting bumped open and that bank going dead, normally my stereo would die in 5 hours or so LOL. Very embarrasing to be cranking it while your best bro is ripping it up on the wakeboard and half a dozen boats watching and your big monster stereo cuts out LOL.