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Go 1100's! They'll fit but not fill quite full. Your compartments are almost identical size to mine only mine are around 44" long and the 1100's still work. Just gotta keep an eye on bunching up on the end when filling sometimes.

This whole thing started with asking a couple of questions on changing our my switches and relocating them to an area that they would be more user friendly --- and now (ZIPPPPPP!!!) look what I am getting while sipping on my morning Kool-Aid!!! (most you guys are even old enough to know that reference)

1.Two (2) - Jabsco Reversible Ballast Pump kits for the rear bags
2.One (1) - Jabsco Ballast Puppy Premium Impeller Green (6303-0107) as an extra for the glove box

Use the existing Rule 1100 fill pump and re-plumb it to only the front center locker bag

3.One (1) - Rule 1100 Aerator pump (short) - This one will be to change out the front ski locker bag dump
4.One (1) - WakeMAKERS.com X-Link Quick Switch Ballast System
5.Two (2) 1100 sacs for the rear - Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac - Yellow
6.One (1) bag for the ski locker - Fly High Pro X Series Tube Sac - Yellow
7.3 new switches & covers –
a.Each of the Jabsco pump kits comes with a new switch and cover – I will ask for one cover marked “Left Ballast” and one cover marked “Right Ballast”
b.One new switch for the Aerators that will be for the front ski locker bag –SPDT with cover marked “Front Ballast”
c.One switch and cover for the Stereo amps – DPST to kill the amps by relay and kill power to the head unit
d.One future switch and cover - Probably a DPDT
8.(6) Ballast Rocker Switch Mounting Panels
9.20’ of 1” ballast hose for the now straight shot from my existing Rule fill pump to the new center bag

I will ask WakeMakers
1.if I need any additional fittings for the bags, pumps or whatever
2.if the Ballast Cross over system comes with a switch and cover