Was wondering if anyone else out there is a collector of anything. As a kid I collected sports cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball) I actively collected from 1986 to around 1994. I still have all those cards in 3 giant Rubbermaid storage boxes in my garage. No telling what it would be worth now. I've had and have some really great cards.

Now I've become a collector of Brewery pint glasses. I'm not sure how many I have but they have overtaken a nice china chest we have in out dining room. Whenever we get into a new house with a basement for my "man cave" I'm sure they will get relocated. Most of the time when we are out and I get a cool glass I'll ask the server if they will sell it and 9/10 they just end up saying just take it. I got 4 from a bar in Jacksonville last weekend. Server kept bringing cool glasses for that very purpose and gave me a bag to cover my "thievery" as she put it. I'll also score a glass pretty often at our local Taco Mac on pint nights where they give a glass out with the beer of the month on Thursdays. I'm always on the lookout for glasses.

Does anyone else here collect pint glasses or any other type of collectibles?

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