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    Default Transmission Filter

    Need guidance.

    According to ZF Hurth Marineís Operating Manual, the fluid filter on a ZF 45 C (direct drive application) transmission is located on the underside of the transmission housing. At least thatís the way itís shown in the picture.

    Running my fingers along the underside surface of the housing, I have tried in vain to locate the two bolts that hold the filter cover and seal in place. Nothing there. Zip. Zero. Completely smooth surface.

    Direction on locating the filter would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Interesting Stuart. My dealer told me that they clean the screen after the 25 hr break in and that after that you don't have to worry about it from there on out. Hmmmmm Let me know. I just changed the fluid 3 weeks ago
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    I'm not sure if my 2001 has the same transmission or not, but I do have the two bolts and plate and filter. It is a pain to get to. I have only checked it maybe twice and I am at 560 hours.
    Brian Roberts
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