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Love that bimini! That is what I want to go with - over the tower, strapless, duo color. Very sharp!
We like it also, very happy with it. Doesn't look as "low" when on the water, but I can now stand up in the boat!! which comes in handy.

Now if I could only find a place to buy a towable cover! The guy that did my bimini for about $800 shot me a price of almost $2k!!!! I almost fell over!

Funny thing is I can get a cover for my suburban for less than $200 - That is quite a difference, guess there is a lot more Suburbans out there.

I don't blame you on wanting to lose the decals - heard those referred to as the "Barbie graphics" more than once. LOL
It was pretty sharp in 1986!!

I got the boat so cheap with less than 200 hours on it (not anymore!) and was planning on just using it as a temp wakeboard boat until I could find a Natique this winter, but I ended up loving the way it rides so we are cleaning her up, already added a PerfectPass and a new stereo and of course the Bimini.