I have a '01 LSV (Yellow and White) and one of my winter projects is to buff out the gel coat after seeing 98Roo's post of bringing his boat back from the dead. My '01 is not as bad as 98Roo's but we bought our's earlier this year from a guy that let it sit outside alot.

I am having the interior redone and want to bring the shine back to the gel coat and get rid of the side "Mobius" stickers (I still don't know what that is)

What do I need?
  1. A rotary buffer?
  2. What polishes?
  3. Any helpful suggestions?

Also, any suggestions on how to polish up a rad-a-cage tower?

I really hope I don't have to wet sand the entire boat as I have a messed up shoulder, am old, fat, bald, etc, etc.... Just wet sanding my sub enclosure was a pain to me (and I have at least two more to build!!)

Thanks, Eric.