My tower, when in the down position was too high for the garage-the rope attachment point was about 1 inch to high.

1st step-remove all driver side seat cusions.

Grab a small vise grip pliers and a 7/16 box end wrench and a flashlight.

lift tower up all the way or support it partially so the cable is slack

Crawl into the drivers side rear storage area and lying on your back shimmy your way forwards twords the bow.

looking up, locate the cable end hangin down. there are two nuts, one above and one below the big washer. On the top washer lock the visegrips down on the nut-does not have to be supper tight, just tight enough to grip and not fall on your face. then reach up and loosen the lower nut. adjust both nuts(no tools needed) down or up and retighten both, reason for the vise grips it there is no way to get two hands up there. I had to do everything lefthanded. Little adjustment makes a big hight change for the tower. I moved the lower nut about a inch down and that resulted in about 4 inchs of tower change.

I know have 1inch for clearance, made at least a 2 inch adjustment.

hope this helps someone out.