Acording to the average usage we have which is about 6 gal an hour due to the weight we run, we come to about 1900 in boat fuel, add 1/2 for truck fuel due to diesel being 4.30 a gal and we spent apx 1200 in diesel

So thats right around 3100 in fuel for the summer.

Add 20 per day in beer on average with a 3 day a week average boating for 14 weeks.
Thats 840 in beer.

Right at 4000 for the summer boating activities.

Now this doesnt include spending for the yearly Moomba Jam we do, or the charity event we did, or the 2 trips to Cali and of course the trip to Texas. Add roughly another 2K to that and we end up with a grand total of 6K for our summer fun.