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    Default Mojo Surf Ballast Setup

    As mentioned in many posts this year, our family REALLY enjoyed surfing behind our 2012 Mojo this season! With help from Moombadaze and Spencer from Wakemakers and stealing ideas from lasvboombox, by the end of the season we got the ballast system figured out. I believe that this setup will work for the 2013 Mojo as well as the 2013 LSV.

    My objectives for the system were as follows:

    1) Provide a "better than good" regular surf wave.

    2) Entirely hidden.

    3) No additional pumps, drilling into the hull, etc.

    4) Controlled from the driver's seat.

    5) Reasonable fill time.

    Using a tsunami pump & throwing bags around the boat for the first half of the season, we found the best wave was achieved by weighting the boat as follows:

    1) 1,100 lb sac full in port locker

    2) 370 lb "tube" sac full under port seats

    3) 1,100 lb sac about 40% full in starboard locker

    4) 450 lb stock, center hard tank full

    5) 650 lb bow sac full

    Yep, that's just over 3,000 lbs of ballast. The 345hp Indmar surf motor has no problem getting the Mojo up on plane.

    Here is an overview of the system I set up. The blue are fill lines, and the red are vent lines.

    The port (or left "L") pump fills/empties the port 1,100 and 370 tube sac. The fill line is simply "T'd" and the line for the 370 runs under the 1,100. The 370 is vented back into the top port on the 1,100 and the 1,100 is vented thru a check valve out the side of the boat. If I do not want to use the 370, I filled a connection with epoxy and can easily cap the fill ine off.

    The starboard (or right "R") pump fills/empties the starboard 1,100 sac. No mods done to the factory fill and simply added a check vavle to the vent line.

    The center ("C") pump fills/empties the center hard tank and the IBS. At the point the factory tank vent lines runs out from under the floor in the bow storage, I installed the Bosworth directional Y valve. If I choose not to run the IBS, I can vent the center tank out the side. If I want to run the IBS, I rotate the valve and the center tank vents into the IBS. The IBS vent line is "Y'd" back into the factory vent line with a check valve installed.

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