2013 Mooba Mojo
Is it a Wake board boat?
Is it a Wake Surf boat?
Is it a Cross over boat?

So many people ask these questions when looking at the Mojo. So few seem to know exactly what to think it is good at. I think this might be because its not defined as well as it should be by the manufacturer. I think its been thrown out to the public as a 22.5 foot boat that can do it all and its the perfect size for the family.

Well i will say that was my thoughts on this boat in Jan 2012 when i saw the first one at the Portland Boat show. AWS had it sitting on blocks on the floor to you could see inside easily. This is a great thing but ill admit it takes away from the freeboard depth of this boat.

I will be honest and admit as i have said several times about the Mojo. I dont like the looks of the dash, i dont like the looks of the unfinished rear seat, and i really hated the HUGE looking nose.

Changes for the 2013 Mojo, new chrome bezels on the dash guages. New Optional Gel Coloring on the nose and a new sporty looking steering wheel.

The overal dash didnt change much but the new Bezels really make the dash look more appealing to me. The steering wheel looks a lot better, not as cheap looking anylonger.

Best 2013 improvement-- Color Nose option.

Ill be honest here, brutally honest, I'm in the market to buy a boat, and Moomba was completly off the list, nothing in the Moomba line was attracting me. LSV might be redone but its Top Hlaf only, still 21.5 ft so it wasnt an option as we need a larger boat. OBV great boat but the same reason as the LSV not big enough. The XLV is last year 2012 and i dont want a 24 just yet so that wasnt an option. Last comes the Mojo, size fits the bill, i can get past the dash and the rear seat, but i cant get past the nose.

Some have said but Mike, its the nose, you cant see it when your in the boat. Your right i cant, but i see it in my rear view when im towing. I love to look at my rear view and see my boat back there and this big ugly white nose on a boat wasnt going to cut it.

Other issue for me is that since the nose only came in white, that means your almost locked into a white interior which isnt an option to me eigher.

Ok i think i punched the Mojo in the nose enough.

The rest of this boat was really amazing. Walking up to it on the dock, it looks big, roomy, and nice. As you walk up you see how large the Bow is, with the way Moomba did the bow its got the room of a classic pickle fork but not the look wth the smooth wrap around lines of the nose.

When looking at the rear of the boat in the water, you see as Scott mentioned the rear end is huge. Its a large close to 3ft step from the top deck to the swim step. You almost need a step in the rear of the boat to make it easier. I think you see a lot of people just crawl on and off the sun deck lol.

Getting into the boat is no different then your typical LSV or XLV, inside freeboard is perfect and you have a nice large 9inch height off the floor to the seats.

Upholstry on this boat is top notch, its not as fancy as say a Z3, or a MC with all the entricate sew patterns but its quality matieral and feels nice to the touch. It wasnt super soft or hard, it felt just right actually. I also said this several times to people, i rode in the Centurion Enzo 244, and the Supreme 226. The Mojo interior not only looked the same it felt the same as in vinyl grade. I dont think Moomba skimed in this department.

Looking threw the rest of the boat, all the compartments are deep. V drives are crazy deep. Shane had 1100 bags in the back. These are the kind more the like the 400s, long but not as tall. You could easily fit the standard 1100 most of us use back in the V and then have more room for another 400-500 sac under the seats. Duel batteries are moved back to where the old cooler location was at. The typical cubby was large and had your stereo and charging gear placed.

Foot room under the helm was large as well, tall like the XLV but they have a panel in place so you dont see into the bow. I didnt have time to investigate it to much but i one think i didnt like the look of is its not straight up and down. It has an angle changing from carpet to fiberglass. This concerns me for ease of subwoofer placement.

Drivers area is very large. Shane is 6.3 if i recall and even him sitting there hes not bunched up or crowded looking. The swivel drivers seat if nice and has the bolster that pops up to give extra seat hight.

Behind the driver you have the typical seat with storage under it as well.

Bow was standard bow style with a center cushion that rides on the edges of the walkthrew so no leg in the walkway to be in your way. Excellent place for your bumpers or riders vests to be easy each but out of the way.

On to the real stuff we all want to know, how does it drive and Surf?

Driving this boat is exactly like my 08 LSV, the difference in feel is really just this boat feels so solid. I mean it feels not heavy, but very incontrol in the water. When you hit rollers, there is no violent slamming or harsh hitting from roller to roller. It cuts threw and lands reach roller with a solid thud. Turning the boat feels very solid and the boat still rolls over like you expect but at no point did the water get near the rub rails.

Power was smooth and the boat wasnt loud at all. It was the new Indmar 5.7 350hp <surf motor> i think its bubed. I think it has a larger or different shaped oil pan but i cant recall so dont quote me on that. It looks really nice with the Blue intake and air filter right in the open, nice change from the plastic engine cover.

To surf we set it up with 1100 in Reg position rear, then infloor 400 hard tank filled. Surfed it and once i realized the IBS wasnt full we filled that. Scott <sandm> rode first and you can see his thoughts in his post on the matter. His friend Sue rode and Loved the wave. I wasnt running video when she was screaming to her husband she wants to buy the boat LOL. Sue is a super nice and funny lady and very animatted when she surfs with lots of woohps and hollers, you know shes is enjoying her ride.

I have to say i was impressed when the surf wave came up because the boat is barely leaning <listed> over. We had a slight tilt but nothing like our LSV or any other boat i have been in surfing. Thats has to be about 10 boats this year alone.

Also another interesting and impressive point, when driving this boat loaded for surfing the nose ride low, not high like most. You can easily see over the nose to see whats infront of you. I hate using the seat bolster and there is no need. You can sit normal in the boat and see just fine over the nose.

I rode on the wave next.

Mind you in the pictures we have a Wake Board rope, i forgot mine and so did Shane, so we did what we had to. He bought a wakeboard rope in the Marina store lol.

My first impressions were this wave is pretty big. Naturally with the weight we are running. The wave had decent push and a clean wave with ok length. I kept noticing i was riding closer to the back of the swim deck then i like. In my LSV i can surf at least a full board length behind the platform and i have push 15ft back. I really liked the Mojo wave for being right out of the factory but it needs tweeking as almost all boats do.

When i was done surfing my feelings were mixed to be honest. I was almost wondering if i made a mistake selling mine.