Ok guys. So sorry it has taken me so long to post an update/pics. I have been working on the boat a lot and somehow always seem to forget about documenting things. Good news is that I have learned why it went down in the first place. Last friday my Dad and I took the boat to lake lanier and put while on the trailer. The leak was so incredibly obvious. The prop shaft packing nut was leaking about 1 gallon every 2 to 3 minutes. This made total sense because like I said in an earlier post, the back carpet was a tinge more damp the usual. This leak was directly under the floorboard of the back carpet. Anyway on saturday we went to West Marine and pick up some 1/4 inch gortex packing rope. We fit 3 pieces in and re-tightened the pack nut. We went to put it back in the water and adjusted the tightness to allow for a drop every 30 seconds or so. At this point I got really nervous. It was on the trailer with no leaks I could find idling perfectly. I knew it was time to take her out and see how everything felt/performed. For the most part I was incredibly pleased. The idle was very good. Transmission shifted perfectly, temperature was good. We drove around for about 1 hour without any major issues. The only thing that I didn't like was a few times under full throttle as the boat was reaching full speed the power shut dropped off dramatically. As soon as I let off the throttle and gradually brought it back it would be fine. But it the power thing did happend 2 or 3 times. Anyway thats another topic for another day. It was all in all very exciting for me to bring it back to life and enjoy an hour on the lake with my dad. Here are some horrible pictures. I am going to take much better ones once I have it finished and detailed it. At this point all that is left to do is remake 2 seats that floated away when it sank. The back bench and side W bench. I have cut the bottom material as you can see in the pictures and just need to source out the proper foam and matching vinyl. The cause of the problem. Prop shaft packing nut underneath the sterns floorboard. Prop Shaft.jpgProp Shaft 2.jpg

Here are some pictures of the seats in the making W Seat.jpgBench Seat.jpg

Here are some of the ghosting I had to buff out once I removed the original lettersGhosting.jpg