Hello everyone. Just want first off say thank for all the information on this site. I have found it very helpful during the repair process of my Outback. Long story short... my 2001 Outback LS sank at my father in laws boathouse. We unfortunately had left the lake when it happend and from what we heard the stern was under water only being held up by the lines tied to the dock. The bow was apparently still out of the water. After the boat was taken out it got mixed up in a lawsuit for about a year and sat out in the weather uncovered. When my father in law finally recovered it in court he was ready to wash his hands of it and decided he didn't want to anything to do with it. Thus he gave it to me and I have been spending my nights trying to fix her up. So far everything has gone really well. The interior has cleaned up surprisingly well. Magic eraser is literally magic. The windshield is off at the powder coater, new speakers and head unit are waiting to be installed, the electrical onboard is all good, and best of all the engine is now running. Had to get fresh gas, new spark plugs, fresh oil, rebuild the Holley, new battery, rebuild the starter, and rebuild the water pump. After all of that she fired right up!! Now I want to figure out why it sunk in the first place!! I have inspected the hull and from the naked eye there do not appear to be any cracks at all. I do know however that the bilge pump was completely shot. Here is some background about the weekend she went down. The boat sat floating at our dock unused all day on Saturday. Sunday morning took I took her out for a spin when the lake was glass. Went to the boat house to fill it up with gas and proceeded back to our dock to leave it for the guy who picks it up stores it for us while we are away. Under no circumstances did I hit anything or do anything out of the ordinary on that short 20 minute boat ride. As I was leaving I remember noticing a dampness in the back carpet that was just a tiny bit more than usual. I didn't think anything of it and 4 days later I got a call saying it had sunk. The strangest part is that it was floating on saturday and something during that short uneventful ride must have caused it to go down. I have amateur at best knowledge of boating mechanics (growing by the minute thanks to this forum and repair process). What do you guys think could be the cause of this? Obviously I am going to get it professionally looked out before I put it back in the water but I would like to at least have some sort of idea going into that. My father in law thinks that it could have been a large wake to come over the bow and overwhelm the bilge but all of my days on that lake I've never seen a wake capable of doing so. Any feedback would MUCH appreciated. Hoping to post some pictures of the before and after as well. Thanks!