I'm getting ready to order all the parts for my winter project and I'm curious how you all have ran your IBS ballast lines. I'm ordering the Bosworth Y valve and I want to mount it down beside the ballast switches of my 2010 LSV.

Does anyone see any HUGE problems that I will face?

I also want to move the pumps into the goofy locker so I can get as much out of my 1100# bag in the regular locker as possible. Is the relocation a big job, or not to bad? I was also thinking that this would make it easier to run the front ballast lines past the drivers seat, through the Y valve, and then down to the locker bag or over to the IBS.
Any thoughts and/or pictures will be greatly appreciated.

So far this is my list:
-Y valve
-3/4" through hull vent
-20' of 1" fill/empty hose
-10' of 3/4" vent hose
-1" Y for filling the IBS