well my list is way long i bought my first boat this spring it had 5 hours on it. droped it off at the dealer yesterday to be winterized it now has 168 hours. thats right i put 163 hrs on it in one summer.

so the todo list
new acme 1617 prop
replace the RF P3 12" with 2 re audio se-x 10"
replace RF 750.1 with the RF 1200.1
new amp racks
adding 2 xs power xp3000 batts
all new 0ga wire to distro block
removing stock bus bar adding tsunami fused power and ground distro block
got a 2 farad cap for sub amp
sumo 900' for rear and fly high 1150lb for ski locker and maybe IBS bag
custom sub box under steering wheel
pro mariner batt charger

wish list:

transom led's
swivel board racks
new pumps and plumbing for ballast
onboard led's various places

im sure im forgetting stuff but yall get the idea i guess. gonna post pics of my install when its done and let everyone know how it works