Earlier this year, I had to take the boat off of the lift as the lake was down too far. Since June, we have had too much rain, but the boat is on the lift. I live in Florida, so we have a lot of heat and a lot of humidity. Mold is an issue and early this season, I had some mold developing on the vinyl. I used Starbrite Mildew Remover to clean everything up.

With everything clean, I have used Babes seat soap and seat saver and it does a good job. It is not a product to do a major clean up with badly soiled seats. The 2 things I really like is that it is easy to use and it smells great.

I have also used the spot remover and cleaner wax. Both seem to work good and again, smell great.

If you clean your boat often, I thing that Babes is a great product. YMMV.