what i dont get is why people upgrade to the newest iphone every time one comes out..now i can see from the 3 to the 4 since they added a few things but still they all do the same thing and people waste time and money on the damn thing..i gave up on the iphone about a year ago..i went through about 4 iphones in a year or 2..my mother let me use her last one since i just cracked my screen on my HTC...i went out about 2 weeks ago on my boat and my boat became the dj on the water..on the way home after being out for about 6 hours i fried another iphone.. so thats about 6 iphones i have killed... i have yet to kill my HTC in a little over a year..and theres things on these other phones that iphone has yet to do..you would think with all the updates they would be better then the rest..and by the time the iphone 5 comes out they are already out of date and working on 5s or 6