There is another thread about a one-time valued vendor to this forum not meeting the OP's expectations. Oftentimes, a single bad experience does more harm than a dozen great ones do good for a company. That being the case, I want to make sure the GREAT service I received from Wakemakers is known!

Daze and I set up my ballast in July and it worked well, but not perfect as I had some indecision on where/how to use the directional Y valve. It took me some time on the lake to understand how I wanted the system to work and I tried a few other configurations to finally land on the one that I think will work best.

I called Tuesday and got Spencer on the phone (twice!) and he was again extremely helpful with evaluating what I had in mind and offering advice on how to optimize my system. We also confirmed what shipping method would get my stuff here by today (Friday) so I could hook it up tonight and have a great weekend on the water.

After he gave me the Moomba discount code (THANK YOU) I got my order placed online and rec'd my confirmation email. Unfortunately, on Wed I missed the email that said something on my order was backordered and my order wouldn't ship until Friday. Well, crap!

So, a quick call to Wakemakers and short conversation with Kyle let me know that there was only 1 item backordered. It was the little brick bag that really isn't essential to what I really want to get done with the ballast. I asked if they would ship the rest of my order and send the brick ground whenever it got in. Kyle said I was past their normal cutoff time for shipping that day, but that he would get it out the door to arrive today. Only issue, they wanted an extra $30 for shipping. Yeah, that ain't happening since I already laid out $60 for 3-day and it's not my deal that the brick was backordered.

The guys at Wakemakers TOTALLY understood my point! They knew that my weekend plans were about to get jacked and they stepped up big time by getting my order overnighted for delivery today and they took care of the incremental shipping cost.


For taking care of me & the Moomba Crew!