So, rather than hijack someone else's thread I figured I'd just start a new one.

Seems like there are a lot of guys that are going Exile. I've been involved in car audio ever since I was 15 years old and before I joined the Moomba board I had never heard of them. How do they compare to Wetsounds on Price and Performance? Has anyone had both or have experience with both? I'd really like some good information no homer opinions please. That sounds kinda harsh but I don't mean it to. However, A good debate between either would be interesting. I'm always interested in updating my audio and since it appears that Exile has such a good rep, at least around here, and is such a big contributor to the board I feel like I should see what all the hype's about and consider them for some off season projects that I may have. I have had the intention of just going all Wetsounds but options are good...just keep it Exile vs. Wetsounds.

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