With the help of some of the folks on this forum, I have started the redo of our '02 LSV and am now going through the stereo.

I have ordered my amps, 12'-W6, Kenwood HU and spent a few hours this last weekend starting on the sub enclosure which is replacing an old chinese made enclosure with an Alpine R12 shoved under the driver's area.

My design:

My start:

First fitting:

Final checking on the boat:

I was going to do a high fill, polish and fill again gloss finish, but for now I have ordered some Moomba yellow and Moomba grey vinyl and will decide which one I will cover it with. This is so I can speed up finishing the stereo install as I want to finish the stereo install then have the interior redone down in Fresno CA.

So for now I think I will spray the plywood with either a laquer or a roll a two-part epoxy such as the West System 105/206 products. I can always build another enclosure later if I feel like it as I will be putting together my little home cabinet shop this winter.

I still need to clean up the glue, mount the front (which is just tacked for now) and side panel, router/ease the outside corners and add the speaker wire terminal cup.