The Blue Sea 6007 is a standard dual battery switch with 3 posts. It will not provide the same benefits as a dual circuit 5511e 4 post switch.
The 6007 switch when integrated with an ACR/VSR is an ackward match-up similar to what BEP Marine does. I don't like that scheme at all. The 6007 switch will not enable isolated AC shore charging. You can wire it in an unconventional method to achieve isolation but the switch nomenclature will not match the function and that is a poor option.
I strongly recommend the 5511e when you are using a shore charger. Keep it simple and benefit from ALL the functions that the 5511e & ACR/VSR will provide....not to mention an easier scheme to visualize in various circumstances.
There's shore charging.
There's long weekend boating/camping trips at another lake and no access to shore power.
There are countless other scenarios where the 5511e is friendly to understand and use. It's really all encompassing.

Earmark Marine