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I have the same problem as boat won't stay cranked. i have read this post and others so i will start in the middle. Please tell me if this is possible....

  • The fuel pump does not cycle when the iginition is turned on.
  • I have fire but it won't stay cranked when I release the key switch. (I don't have consistent fire.....fires/turns over sometimes....sometimes not)
  • If I put the volt meter on the fuel pump I get a reading only when the switch is engaged and only when the engines fires.
  • I don't get a reading if the engines does not fire.
  • When I disconnect the fuel pump I get a reading on the volt meter every time I turn the ignition switch.

    Anyone else have this problem? Does this lead to a solution? Or, am I imagining things?

    Where do I find the ECM and the reset circuit switch box? [2001 Moomba Outback LS]
I think on your model there's a big red button on the back of the engine. You almost have to stick your head under the clam shell to see it. That's where it was on my 2000. Usually everything will be dead though if you need to reset that one. In later models it's behind the observer's seat on the wall.