I'm ready to get rolling on a stereo upgrade for our 2011 LSV. I've got the factory Kicker system in it right now and will be adding 4 Exile SXT speakers to the tower powered by a Harpoon amp. I'll also be adding a 2nd battery, charger and ACR and switch. A couple of pictures of the existing setup. Please comment on anything you see that you'd change or needs to be reworked or added.

I haven't pulled everything to check yet, but I'm assuming the 30 amp fuse is for the Kicker amp and the 50 amp breaker is for the main power. Existing setup:

Here's what I'm thinking for the new wiring setup. Wire gauge is what I think i have on the existing and what I think I should use for the new. Let me know if you think it's too small or overkill. I know I do not have fusing drawn in yet either. I'd like your thoughts so I get that correct as well.