I need some help with picking and placing a new sub, amp(s) and sub location for my 2002 Moomba LSV open bow. I just got the boat at the beginning of this season and have decided to keep it

I just picked up 3 pairs of Kicker K65s for the in-boats (2 pair in the main cabin area and one pair up front in the open bow) along with 2 more pairs of KS65s located in four tower mounted DIYwake’s speaker cans. I did not go for HLCDs because we mostly listen to music after boarding in “cove” sessions

Right now I have an Alpine sub located right at the driver’s foot, it sounds bad and I hate the location as it takes up too much room

I would like to put the new sub in the port side storage locker, add a second battery and need a few recommendations;

  1. Which sub?
  2. Which amp for the sub?
  3. Which amp for the KS65s (total of five pairs)
  4. Can the amp(s), sub, enclosure and two batteries fit in the storage locker?

If mounting in the storage locker;

  • Do I need to build a custom enclosure?
  • Would adding one or two ports like these in the vertical panel between the locker and the walkway help?

Thanks, Eric.