I know another "what blah blah should I buy?" thread....

Right now I have a Liquid force (5ft) and a Liquid force custom (4-10) and I am looking for something better. I am around 190-200lbs and I am finding that I am too heavy for the custom, it is becoming the GFs board. The other liquid force I have is just too slow and heavy. I am looking to get into something faster, lighter and more agile but there are so many boards out there I dont know where to start.

I hate to use the dreaded drive/push words but I am really looking for something faster. I can ride wireless and get some kicks of the wake but just finding it hard to get enough speed to really get some air.

Last thing I want to do is keep buying boards that I dont like. I have looked around an no one around me lets you demo boards, unless I drive up to Austin, which isnt very convenient.

Any suggestions would be appreciated?

I have finally got my boat wave dialed in and am now seeing the limitations of the boards I am riding.