Guy cracks me up. I go down to visit him and he and Mrs. Daze buy pizza for 7 of us plus them, put us up and feed us breakfast. Then Mrs. Daze drives my wife and the girls to the cheerleading event at the state fair and hangs out with them all day. Meanwhile Daze goes with me to look at golf carts for a side business I'm starting. Then he takes me and the 3 boys out surfing all day. We get back and they make us taco dinner. Then he gives me a riding mower as a going away present. I think we spent a couple hours on Fri. night putting in 6 speakers and he is thanking ME!

Stacy, THANK YOU and your lovely wife and daughter for treating us like royalty all weekend. I sure wish we lived closer. We really had a good time and I love the new LSV.