So here is a little mod I have been working on. Hadnt seen anyone do this yet so I thought I would post. I am sure many of you have different opinions about this but it accomplished what I was going for. My main goals were to add bass to the audio and not take up any "valuable" storage in the process. I could have stuffed a sub under the driver console, but I wanted something a little different so the sub wasnt firing at my feet.

2012-08-08 20.35.46.jpg

I built the box out of 1/2in MDF, sealed the inside with silicone. Each chamber is about 1.25 cuFT. I attempted to spray a gel coat on the exterior for water protection, but the finish didnt turn out the way I expected. (I may pull it this winter and re-finished it). It sounds pretty darn good for (2) 10" Kicker VRs. Its powered by a DX1000 Mono. I probably still need to make some amp adjustments to optimize the sound.