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    Nope, I never did. We didn't make it much to the lake last year, and I went back to grad school, so that took up even more time. This spring weather hasn't been much fun either. My wife and I are determined to ski more this year, so hopefully I try it out sometime this summer.
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    All, I'm going to throw this out there for anyone interested. I usually slalom Jordan Lake during the week from 6-8pm or so and some during the weekend if I can find a cover not already being used.

    If anyone wants to meet up and run a few sets with us we would welcome it. Its also great to share tricks and trade secrets we all have learned over the years to eliminate bad habits. And we film our runs and review as well, so this helps.

    We are also submitting our approval to the NC Wildlife Commission to permit the course that is already on Jordan ( but sunk and has not been operating since at least 2009 ).

    I think it would be fun to talk shop, test some new ski's and gear and rip it up a little. I'm on Instagram SupraLaunch21V or e mail me if you are interested and I can create a distribution chain.

    I also heard that there is a course on Kerr Lake? Anyone ever heard of it, or know where it is?

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    Well we had the Insta-slalom all week in front of the lake place. Nice to be able to look out your front window and see those orange and yellow balls just waiting for you. Got blown out all weekend, but prior to that we had some great conditions.
    So proof that you just gotta get in there and do it. At the beginning of the season I was doubting I would ever make the course again at any lenght/speed.
    But after spending a week with a coach (Doug at The Liquid Edge, Farmer City, IL.) in the beginning of June, and getting back out there regularly I have made it up to 3@22 off @ 34. Nothing to make the record books with - but felt good - right up to the point where I bounced off my ribs and ear coming across headed for 4 ball.
    Still soooo many elements of style that need work - and it all happens in about 2-3 seconds .
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    I love the fact that this article has managed to stay up on the board as long as it has? Course skiing is a true addiction! Matter of fact it kind of remonds me of tattoos in some silly way???? I'll just try it once................ya right! LOL How many people do you know who wanted a tattoo ended up with another one or more? I have tried both more than once!

    As soon as you wrap your head around the fact that it's YOU vs the course and not you vs the dude who skis deep into 35 or shorter off then you're going to get addicted! And there's no better feeling than the first time you run all six bouys. Even if you only get two when you exit the course at the end you're already thinking I want to go again because I think I can get three next time.

    We are currently just getting ready to start building our home on our lot in our ski community. Now my addiction has come full circle. To th epoint where I pushed myself too hard a month ago and did an OTF around bouy four and tore up my left ankle, right shoulder, and right eye! I haven't been on the water since.

    That said I get back home from West Virginia tomorrow (Friday) night and Saturday I'll be taping the heck out of my ankle to get out there and see if I can get around one more than I did last time or maybe meet & exceed my personal best?????

    My point is - don't wait if you have access and opportunity! You'll regret not doing it. It is NOTHING like open water skiing at all! Private or public course - respect owners and their property or chances are you won't be allowed back.

    What ever you do BE CAREFUL - ADDICTION IS FAST AND SEVERE!!!!!!
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    very good

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    Interesante articulo, gracias!

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    Hello, the truth is that your contribution is very, very interesting and to be completely honest I also have the same questions as you. Now, with much more calm, I will try to read all the answers to see if I get to the long-awaited final answer What do I want!

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