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Awesome now tell Kate if she can learn to surf toe in on goofy like she should be surfing then she will be able to learn 180s real easy because she is used to surfing heel in already. Next time I get down your way I expect her to be killing that wave on both sides lol

And you sir I have not forgotten I will get you a board list of recommended boards. The one you were riding is the Inland Surfer Red Rocket
I am going to be ordering another 1,100lb bag and one of the portable Tsunami pumps next week so we can easily switch between goofy and regular and get Kate on the correct side. I'm thinking we can use the Tsunami on one of our exiting 400lb bags and move that around the boat a little bit to play with.

I borrowed Taft's Amazon Osia special yesterday and really enjoyed it so I'll probably pick one of those up just to play with. For $199 it's a fun board and was pretty easy to ride. Please do get me your list though. Thanks again.