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    Quote Originally Posted by KT Mobius View Post
    At this point I'm going to return the wet sounds and go with exile. Brian I'll see you soon. Should I stay with the Rockford amps?
    I have wet sounds and JL. If I knew then what I know now I would have Exile. My only experience is hearing what everyone else has. When the Exile guys don't show up I'm number one. When they do I'm number two. I'm not going by one aspect of the system,every component sounds superior in my OPINION.

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    The entire matter disgusts me.
    If I could help this retailer to help this consumer the entire issue would have already been resolved in a single trip and without trying to make a convert in the process.
    Every qualified individual called it beforehand. It's not the speakers or the amplifier. It's not a speaker or amplifier brand issue. So now we are on round two of changing the brands? Absolutely ridiculous.

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    This thread and the under-tones make me chuckle.
    Malo <--- Means--Evil or Mean One. This explains a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wetsounds1 View Post

    David/MLA is 100% correct. Speakers do not make hiss. They reproduce what they are sent. If someone has
    Told you that changing speakers is going to fix it. That is bad advice and very wrong. It sounds like there is a signal issue and/or tuning issue. Maybe an issue with the head. since they pulled the eq and swapped amps. Then they have taken good steps in fixing the issue.

    Please shoot me a call or email and I will get you in touch with our rep in the area. I just sent him this thread so he is in the loop.

    We had an OEM that had a lot of noise issues. Hiss and engine noise. We went over their boat from top to bottom. Swapped Amps, RCA, power, ground. Found out it was a particular head unit next to their dash switches. Swapped to different model head unit from same brand. All noise was gone. We have seen all types of noise issues and can figure it out for sure.

    Wet Sounds
    I would be more than happy to have your rep take a look. My original goal was to have a system I could hear while surfing/wake boarding as well as have some nice tunes while floating. I think what it comes down to is the installer lacks the knowledge base that is needed for this job.
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